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In my journey through this lifestyle I have met a lot of people. Some are great to hang out with in the dungeons, others are great at kinky parties, and then there are friends like Count Boogie… I met Boogie in 2008 at a dungeon and found an instant connection with him.

Boogie is a comedian, entertainer, artist, and educator. Boogie official formed The Perverted Circus in 2011 to help spread kink acceptance through comedy and song. His most recent project the Perverted Podcast is an incredibly insightful and entertaining look into all things kinky. I’ve had the privileged to work on many projects with him, (mostly behind the camera), below are some hilarious videos. Please enjoy them and share with other kinky or kink-friendly people.


BDSM Turkey (The video that started it all…)


Santa’s Kinky Christmas


Kinky Fucky Time


Foot Fetish Guys Anti-Creepy Training Video


Deprogramming Mr. PoopyPants Album

I had such a great time recording these songs with Boogie. I hope they bring you joy and laughter.

Rubber Jazz




Divorce Song



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