Lady Solaris is a Dominant living in Los Angeles, California. Always open-minded and interested in different types of sexual relationships and sexual expression, she entered the scene in 2005 after seeing someone do decorative rope bondage. She has trained under some of Los Angeles' finest Dominants and has worked with and learned from many different types of submissives. Her collegiate studies have included extensive course work in psychology, sociology, intra/inter-personal communications, and kinesics (the interpretation of body language).

"To me BDSM play is a journey between two or more people that can involve meditation, emotion, reflection, release, and mutual satisfaction. Play is my meditation and fuels my creativity. Connection, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, is very important to me. I can be very protective over my play partner simply because I feel as if it is a true gift that they are joining me in my BDSM escapades. It is not my ultimate goal to break the bottom, just to bend the bottom until they can't take anymore."

Lady Solaris has a passion for educating the kink community and those in the “vanilla world”. She has given lectures and interviews on BDSM related subjects and continued work with Count Boogie and the Perverted Circus on kinky music/comedy videos. Some of the most well-known projects she's worked on with Count Boogie are "BDSM Turkey", "Kinky Fucky Time", and "Foot Fetish Guy Anti-Creepy Training Video". Lady Solaris has also appeared on the Perverted Podcast. Lady Solaris is currently a moderator of SOAP, (Social of Age Players,) which she runs with her husband, Caelum. Founded in 2012, SOAP has become Southern California's largest monthly gathering of age players.



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